How to Date Online in Los Angeles

People who want to date in LA today are mainly online. This is because most people here are really busy and don’t have time to go out or don’t enjoy the club scene. More and more young men and women in the City of Angels are meeting their significant other through online dating apps and sites. Here’s what you need to know to take your Los Angeles dating game to the next level.

The Best Apps and Sites

While opinions on whether online dating has better prospects than offline dating differ, you’ll find many to be familiar and happy with apps like Coffee Meets Bagel, Match, eHarmony, and Bumble.

My first choice requires a Facebook account. Every day at noon, users access a group of free profiles. Coffee Meets Bagel does a good job of weeding out fake profiles. You will meet young professionals who are looking for a serious relationship.

In terms of member count, is the biggest player. The site will work for you as long as you try to create a good profile with decent pics. They also organize in-person mixers in Orange County and Angeles.

Like Coffee Meets Bagel, eHarmony opts for quality over quantity, yielding a limited number of profiles that should be the best fit.

On Bumble, you swipe right to approve and left to skip, not unlike Tinder. Physical appearance counts a great deal here too. Many of the people on the app are actors, models, fitness trainers, or yoga instructors. There are some business owners.

If you’re looking for a fellow Christian, give ChristianCafe a shot. This dating service is owned by Christians, who make sure all members are Christian devotees.

Critics of online dating claim the spark often goes away when you meet in person. You could go the middle route and check out groups. You’re still meeting people online, only based on shared interests, so there is less of a risk of running out of things to say and do when you meet. It’s important to be consistent until you find the right group. There are so many groups to choose from: hiking, photography, wine events, free concerts, events for single professionals, No Flake Singles and Friends LA, and more. Another advantage is that people meet in cool bars or restaurants so you’ll have a good time even if you don’t meet someone special. Your chances of hooking up with someone increase when they see you having a good time.