Top 5 best farmers’ markets in Oakland

Farmers’ markets are to Oakland what the Mardi Gras is to New Orleans. Fresh fruits and vegetables are all the rage in this sunny California city, with strawberries and artichoke counting among local favorites. The best markets in Oakland also have coffee, music, and baked goods to offer.

Grand Lake

This local favorite is huge and enjoys a prime location near Lake Merritt. Offerings include homemade sausage, bean and yam vegetarian tamales, smoked cheddar, and gluten-free baked delights from Bacano Bakery.

Temescal Farmers Market

Temescal features live music, which you can enjoy as you munch on organic delectables from Donna’s Tamales and Andy and Cindy’s Thai Food.

Old Oakland Farmers Market

Also known as the People’s Market, Old Oakland at 9th Street / Broadway takes place every Friday from 8am to 2pm. According to the Urban Village Farmers Market Association, this market has been the most accessible, diverse, and affordable one in the city over the past two decades.

Jack London Squares Sunday

Jack London Squares features gorgeous scenery, but its picturesque location on the border of Temescal and Rockridge is not the only thing it’s got going for it. This is the market for food lovers of every generation, from millennials to Baby Boomers, single and married, gay and straight, you name it. You’ll also see local chefs and food writers wandering about, lending the place a professional flair. There’s no better place to enjoy homemade pasta and California nuts than this!

Montclair Village

This tiny market in La Salle Ave. at Moraga Ave., open every Sunday from 9 am to 1 pm, has all the necessities one could yearn for according to highly positive Yelp reviews. This is despite its being a block long. Organic food isn’t the only choice – prepared delights include French crêpes and even an oyster vendor.